Prim/Country Crafting Must-Have’s!

There are many supplies and materials  that seem to come up over and over in all my crafting endeavors. Here are some of the things I could not live without.

HOMESPUN – usually mini checks, gingham, plaid, striped, etc. All colors and patterns, but I steer away from bright colors and pastels. It’s a fortune at the local craft stores, but sometimes I can’t resist. I got a ton of great homespun fabric from a recent estate sale (thanks to my friend Melanie and her grandmother’s hoarding of craft supplies) that I use ALL the time, for ALL kinds of projects!

RUSTY TIN SHAPES – for accents mostly. Candles, nightlights, decorations/figurines, mason jars…the list goes on and on of items that can be spruced up with the addition of a great rusty star or heart. I also use these to make pins for the holidays (below). I get these in bulk at since they are really hard to find in stores.

SPRAY PAINT – I am loyal to my brand American Accents by Rustoleum, usually in satin or matte depending on the project. I have used a ton of other crappy spray paint and nothing seems to get the great coverage and color that AA provides. Pricey…yes. Worth it…definitely. I use spray paint for everything…especially for refurbishing thrift store finds. Shelves, stools, wooden bowls, the base for my signs, and various other projects all begin with a fresh coat of spray paint.

My favorite colors to use are Fossil (below, it’s my fav), nutmeg, london gray, oregeno, ivory silk, colonial red, and of course canyon black. Another favorite that’s not pictured is a great mustard yellow. I tend to steer away from blues…I don’t find much use for it. When I do, it’s usually a dark navy or muted “americana” blue.MASON JARS – I make a ton of items for my craft show with mason jars. Use them to hold wax tarts, putka pods (mini pumpkins), rosehips and/or potpourri mixtures, use as candle holders, or even as the base for a great lamp, which then can be customized to hold and display whatever you’d like. I use one for my toothbrushes. A vase for my wild flowers. A paintbrush holder, soap dispenser, the list is endless!

Also, couldn’t live without my ACRYLIC PAINT, TWINE, HEAVY GAUGE BLACK WIRE, and HOT GLUE GUN!

Those are the main supplies I find myself using over and over. What do YOU use, and what are YOUR favorite materials to work with?

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