Recent Finds

I found these two antique kitchen scales at a local antique co-op, and absolutely fell in love. Whether it’s for a display in my booth or decoration on my kitchen counter, they are just plain COOL.  Upon doing some research, they sell anywhere from $10 to over $100…so for a few bucks I had to have em. Ever see something and you just HAVE to have?? They will be for sale in my booth, but if they don’t sell I am fine with that!

One had an interesting label on the side of it, which I love. It gives it some character.

Love, love, love enamelware. Especially colored enamelware. Classic white is great, but there is something unique and luring about colored enamelware. I found these 3 speckled pans at 3 different thrift stores. I wouldn’t use them to cook, but for decoration or display. I am planning on using one to hang up and display my magnets at the craft show. My little snowman face magnets look great against the blue background.

Got these ugly blue candy canes at the Amvet with a great craft idea in mind. 5 for $1…not too shabby! I’ll be posting the much improved “after” pictures soon.

I also picked up a great old milk can that is rusted to perfection…for $2! I have it out front of the house with a pumpkin on top and it looks great! I love finding treasure in other people’s trash, and it’s great to be able to reuse and recycle some of these great old wares.

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  1. Gale
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 19:48:58

    This is great Margaret! Congratulations. Boy, I’d love to come to Potsdam if it wasn’t so darn far away. I look forward to following your progress. Go get them girl!!!
    Love ya, Auntie Gale


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