Simple BOO Halloween Ornament

This cute little Halloween BOO ornament is a fun, quick, and easy craft, that is also very inexpensive. Isn’t it adorable?? I got these “BOO” wooden shapes at Joann’s  on clearence for 25 cents a piece as the Halloween season was ending last year. You could do the same with any other halloween themed wooden shapes; pumpkins, witches, etc. Spray paint flat black. I used cheap stuff, 99 cents from walmart, and for this kind of small craft it works just fine! Sand the edges with heavy grit sand paper to your liking. I poked a small hole in each corner by simply hammering a small nail into the corners and pulling it out. Use a heavy gauge black wire (or twine, homespun, or whatever) and poke through the small holes. I wrapped the middle of the wire around a pencil a few times to give it that curly cue. Finish off with a little piece of homespun. I found a great orange, white and purple homespun pattern at Joann’s that I use for a lot of Halloween-ish craft projects! Love it!! See, piece of cake!!!

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