Mini Fimo Pumpkins

I love anything in “miniature”…I’m not sure why. Miniature things make me happy. 🙂 I made these little tiny pumpkins out of fimo and just had to share. They are SOOO easy!

You’ll need Fimo, or some other kind of modeling clay that you can bake to harden. The Fimo shown below isn’t the exact one I used, but a similar color. That one is sparkley…which I bet would have been cool. Too late now.

For the stems, I used little brads. They added a rustic/prim quality to the pumpkins, instead of using brown Fimo and shaping a stem…these are more fun if you ask me!

For the pumpkin vine/leaf thingy, I used dried grape vine curly cues that I found in the woods behind my house. The picture below is what I am talking about. This pic was shot by steampunkmods on flickr- gotta give proper credit.

Mold the clay into your desired pumpkin shape. Poke a hole in the top with a toothpick, so there is a place to insert the “stem” after the Fimo hardens. Bake as directed to harden and seal. Stick a piece of the grape vine down in the hole, and then dab a tiny bit of glue on the end of the brad. Push the brad down into the hole, pinning down the vine. It’ll be a tight fit into that little hole, but that helps secure the stem and vine in place!

I thought after the fact that it might be cute to paint a little leaf, or even make one out of green fimo to place near the stem, like shown in the ones below that I found online:

I thought this was another interesting take on the mini pumpkins. I love the little lines on the sides.

This photo was taken from Lovin’ the green leaves!


On a completely different and random note, look at these great Halloween drink decorations I found for half price at the craft store! HOW AWESOME are these??? They are from Martha Stewart…I love that woman! Gonna use them this weekend at the big backwoods Halloween bash!!!

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