After Christmas Sales and Thrift Store Finds

As you know, right now is a great time to shop for any and all things Christmas, because it’s all on clearance! It’s a great time to stock up on winter/holiday crafting supplies as well. I got a ton of these large metal bells for 80% off, which I will probably paint green and red and embellish with homespun ties. I also got a large stock of little wooden discs to make my snowman pins and magnets for next year!

We have a Goodwill that sells the usual donated items, but they also have a stock of seasonal new items that are priced very well. Add after-Christmas sales and you’ve got a ton of really great deals! I got two of these “Let It Snow” wooden snowmen at a VERY low price!! I am sure they’ll sell great at the 2011 show. I might just keep one!

This box of electric candles is screaming for a country prim make over, with a little texture fierro and silicone dipped bulbs. Can’t wait to work on them!

You know I love my enamel ware. How about 3 pieces in PERFECT condition, less than $5 for all 3…talk about a great score! Great olive green color too!

Got a handful of these cute little snowman figurines. Different colored scarves too. Love them!

Miniature snowman watering can ornaments!

And last but not least, these itty bitty snowmen figures glued on the end of clothespins so that they can be clipped anywhere…even on a Christmas tree! I think they are SO darn cute, and I love to stock up on snowman stuff!

Guess that’s all for now. Hope everyone is keeping warm and enjoying 2011 so far! 🙂 Thanks for stoppin by!

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