From DRAB to FAB: A Thrift Store Pot Makeover!

Ok, so all I did was add a new knob. But still…it changes the whole look and makes this boring pot quite FABULOUS! ๐Ÿ™‚

First, I got this cool little enamel pot at the thrift store for .99 cents, marked “as is” because it was dirty and the top knob was all scratched up and gross. I knew with a good scrub and a little love, I could make this diamond in the rough shine a little!

First I scrubbed it and got it all nice and clean. I didn’t take a “before” picture but it was dull and had a grimy film over the whole thing. Ewwwww. Here’s the ugly, beat-up knob that came on it:

So…I unscrewed this knob and took it off….

And added this AWESOME porcelain knob I picked up at Hobby Lobby for $3. Yes, that’s a lot for one knob I suppose, but for a project like this I think it’s worth it.

And the “AFTER” with the new knob! Isn’t she a beaut?

I LOVE the clean, simple look of black and white!

Hobby Lobby has a HUGE selection of knobs (among other craft supplies and home decor), and I am starting to think of all kinds of neat ideas for these. Re-vamping and old dresser…sprucing up some more old pots…adding them to tops of decorated/painted paper mache boxes perhaps? Hmmmmm….what else could we use these for? Here are a few that I LOVE and would like to eventually use for something (not sure what yet, I just really like ’em!):

UPDATE! I just found this adorable stocking hanger sign over at using the same types of knobs…how freakin awesome is this?! I am DEFINITELY making these for Christmas!!!

So on another fun note, I just finished designing The Carriage Place’s 1st official newsletter! I have taken over the duties of updating the website and doing a lot of online stuff, including e-mailing out a quarterly newsletter with upcoming events, announcements, etc. I wanted it to be eye-catching, but also short and sweet – not too much text that you don’t want to read it. I went for a real “vintage” feel. What do you think??

Yay for a sunny day for a change! After all these April showers…we BETTER have May flowers, and SOON! Have a week everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

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