Fun Favors: Lady Bug and Bumble Bee Cake Pops

Yay! I am so happy with how my first ever cake pops came out! They are favors for a co-workers baby shower tomorrow night. I think the final result is super cute and I must say, they are VERY yummy! (How can cake mixed with a can of frosting, dunked in chocolate NOT be yummy!) I thought I would share how I made them, for anyone else who would like to attempt this fun treat!!

First of all, you need ingredients for the “cake” part of the pops, which I did not show here. Go here for instructions on the basic pops, and then below is just the fun decorating part! We have…

  • Yellow and Red Candy Melts (bee and lady bug bodies)
  • Almond chips (wings)
  • Mini chocolate kisses from the bulk candy section (spots on the lady bug body)
  • Junior Mints (heads)
  • Candy Eyeballs from the craft store
  • Ignore the chocolate sprinkles I was going to use these for bee antennae but I never ended up using them. You can if you want!

For the packaging and presentation I used:

  • Cellophane treat bags
  • Mini baking cups decorated with flowers (to go with the bee/bug theme)
  • Green ribbon for the finishing bow

While I was waiting for the cake to bake, I worked on the heads. Chocolate frosting (that is used in the basic cake pop mixture) was used as “glue” to put the eyes on the Junior Mint heads.

Do you get the feeling you’re being WATCHED?

Also while I was waiting, I piped the “antennae” using melted dark chocolate on wax paper.

I don’t use fancy frosting bags…I use ziplocks. Snip the corner and you’re good to go! Then throw away…and no clean up! πŸ™‚

Making the POPS…

Now, I had to work very quickly and did not have the time to take pictures of theΒ  individual decorating steps. That chocolate dries FAST!!! Here are the completed bees. Basically, I dipped and twirled in the melted yellow chocolate and tapped it gently to get the excess off. Immediately insert the almond chip wings. I used my ziplock baggie to pipe on the bee stripes and then pressed a head on top, with a bit of pressure to secure it in place. Surprisingly the heads stayed in place and did not slide down!

For the lady bugs – same idea. After I dipped it, I pressed in the mini kisses (with the pointy side IN) to create the little dots. I stuck one of my chocolate antennae in there (gently!! they break easy!!) and then pressed the head in place. I went back and piped on a little chocolate line down the back to make the “wings” of the lady bug.

All wrapped up and in their cellophane baggies…aren’t they freakin’ adorable?! πŸ™‚

I placed them in rows in my yellow enamel pan to carry them over to the shower…

They were fun but super time-consuming, and to be honest…kind of difficult! It’ll be worth it though because I know the gal I making them for will love them! Can’t wait for this weekend…I have the shower and then the Classic Car Cruise-In and Boy Scout Fundraiser at the co-op on Saturday! I am praying for sunny weather! Pix to come soon!! πŸ™‚

Have a super FABULOUS weekend everyone!

16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. christine
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 20:38:26

    These are awesome! Great job.


  2. Cindy
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 23:27:03

    Your cake pops are so cute!!!


  3. Nan
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 12:18:39

    These are so cute…you are such a nice friend! Have fun!


  4. Tanya
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 17:33:27

    do you sell them?


    • Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night
      Aug 20, 2011 @ 14:41:55

      Hi Tayna. No I don’t sell them…I’ve actually only made them a few times. Maybe some day down the road I may try selling them at a craft show or something, but as of right now I am still working on getting down the basic technique. Thanks for your interest! Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚


  5. judy fink
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 18:45:05

    is it possible the folk art humpty dumpty is for sale?


  6. judy fink
    Sep 02, 2011 @ 22:19:14

    that would be great. I don’t buy things too often from the computer. how do I do this. I could send you the money for the humpty and all his costs and then you could mail it to me???? would you correspond with me via my e-mail? thanks,


  7. Michelle
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 23:23:07

    If my party is on Saturday…how early can I make these so they still taste fresh? Thank you!


    • Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night
      Oct 09, 2011 @ 07:26:22

      Hi Michelle! I made them about 24-36 hours before I brought them to the party, and they were great. I think the candy coating helps seal in moisture and freshness. I am no expert, but 24 hours worked well for me, if you have the time! I am sure that if you made them a few days in advance that they’d be fine too! Good luck! And thanks for stopping by my blog too! πŸ™‚ ~Maggie


  8. Joelle
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 16:07:13

    Oh my gosh…I am loving all the stuff you have posted in your blog. And these cake pops are fabulous. I can’t even imagine all the work, but oh so much fun!! My son LOVED looking at all of the Halloween Cupcakes!


  9. Ana
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 23:30:26

    These are amazing!!! I’m planning my baby girl’s first birthday party, and the theme I picked was ladybug. These ladybug cake pops are the perfect treat for her party! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing idea!


  10. Sarah Rackley
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 16:30:03

    Hi, I was wondering if these need to be refrigerated? I’m thinking about trying them for my daughter’s 5th birthday party, but it’s at the park and I would have to do it a bit ahead. They are so cute, I really want to try it!


    • Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night
      Feb 21, 2012 @ 08:55:44

      Hi Sarah, I am not 100% positive, but I don’t think they need to be refrigerated. It’s just frosting and cake mix…no different then leaving cupcakes out on the counter, right? I would just keep them out of the sun so they don’t melt (the chocolate coating) but I think they should be fine! Have fun, I am sure your daughter will love them!!! πŸ™‚ ~Maggie


  11. michelle
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 02:30:53

    hi, i was wondering where you got the bags of sticks and bags to wrap them in? they are in one of the pictures. thanks


    • Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night
      Apr 25, 2012 @ 09:18:08

      Hi Michelle – I got the bags and sticks at AC Moore’s in the baking section. You can find them in any craft store near the baking stuff – even my local Wegmans carries them in the bulk candy section near the melting chocolate. Good luck and have fun making your cake pops! πŸ™‚ ~Maggie


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