Snowman Face Wine Corks

So…I got this idea while randomly walking through Walmart and seeing these wooden topped corks in the kitchen section. They were $5 for the pack, but there are 6 corks; 4 of which have wooden tops. The other two are plain corks.

I thought hmmmmm…you can paint anything on these…how about snowmen faces?! I loooove painting snowmen faces! They are easy and so stinkin’ cute!

I use Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint for most of my projects that involve painting. It paints well on any surface and is thick enough to not really need more than 1 coat.

I painted them an off-white and let em dry. Then used black sharpie paint marker for the eyes and eyebrows, and orange acrylic paint for the nose! Once dry, I painted over with sparkle mod-podge to give it a good seal and also lots of sparkle! These are just like the magnets I made for the craft show last year, but with a cork attached!

You can’t see the sparkle too well in the pic. I promise it’s way cuter in person! I think I am gonna make a bunch for the craft show this year…they would make a cute stocking stuffer.

For a few of the wooden topped corks I glued on these mini snowmen figurines that I have had laying around that I found at the Goodwill last year. They fit perfect! I thought for the plain corks I could glue on virtually anything, so I went with these wooden mini candle holders. Picture it in a bottle of wine with a little candle going…cute!

You could paint or glue on anything really. I might try some with flowers, hearts or stars. Maybe even stamp on little letters, for initals? So many ideas flowing now! You gotta try these, and if you do, I wanna see pix!! 🙂

Have a great week ya’ll!

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