Sunny Summer Days = Time To Break Out the Spray Paint!

Its hard to believe that this weekend is the 4th of July already! Where does the time go?!

I have been so busy and have had little time to do any crafting, but lucky I was able to squeeze in a bit of spray painting on some of our nicer days. 🙂  All winter I piled up stuff that needed to be spray painted, including wooden bowls, some wood for signs want to make, and various wood items I have picked up at the thrift store.

I like to use a roll of cheap wrapping paper from the dollar store as a backdrop for spray painting. You can roll it out really long to paint tons of stuff at once. Then I re-roll it and use it again and again! Just be careful not to get over-spray on your driveway like I did…I sorta got in trouble for that. Hehehe.

These milk cans were an outdated forest green color so I painted them black. I used regular paint though, not spray paint. I have them in my breezeway now. One is a little side table to a wicker chair and the one without the lid now has tall spiral sticks in it for decoration. Looks pretty cool. 🙂

The other thing I have accumulated that needed painting are these wooden spoons. I featured this project a while back under “Dollar Store Crafts” but I thought I’d share some more detailed pix of the process.

Simply spray them black (or whatever color you wish) and sand the edges to distress!

You could use brown paint, shoe polish, stain, or whatever you’d like to “antique” them. I use gel stains that I find at the craft store.

Once dry, spray with a clear coat to seal. I have been using this Folk Art acrylic sealer and like how things have been turning out!

I am still in the process adding the decorations/details, so here is a picture of what they look like finished. I typically add a small string of pip berries, other types of berries or whatever. Finish with a little homespun tie to cover up where you glue/tie on the berries and also secures the berries in place!

Hanging them is easy too. For the flat handled ones, I just hammer in a small nail and pull out the create a tiny hole to loop a string through. I don’t have a drill bit that small and don’t feel like buying one or taking the time to bother with drilling. It takes 2 seconds to do it my way! For the spoons with the narrow handles, I use tiny little screw eye hooks from Lowes like these:

They are so tiny that you can hand screw them right into the top of the spoon handle, with little pressure or effort. Make sure you are centered when you screw it in- they will crack the handle in half if you’re not!

Well, we are off to our family’s summer camp up in Sackets Harbor this weekend to relax and hopefully catch some fireworks. I am praying for lots of sunshine…I need to work on my tan…BAD! Have a wonderful 4th everyone!!! 🙂

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