Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Magnets, Pins & Wine Corks

Well, I’ve decided I am ready for Fall! I LOVE Fall…it’s my absolute favorite season in every way. I think it’s because I am starting to see all the fun Halloween stuff in the stores that’s doing it. I have been working on some pumpkin items for my booth, and I love how they turned out! I love little folk art Halloween stuff, so that was my inspiration.

Here’s the how-to, should you feel the urge to make some of your own cute lil pumpkins!

I started by spray painting my wooden discs, just like the snowmen. I used this Terra Cotta spray, mainly for the color. Helpful tip: Do not spray paint in the garage within a 3 foot range of your boyfriend/husband’s brand new truck. This will result in major trouble for you. Just sayin’.

The Terra Cotta spray has a texture to it, which I thought would look cool on the pins/magnets. It definitely looked cool, but did not work well when I tried to paint the faces. The black paint pens would run because of the uneven, textured surface. I ended up painting them all with acrylic paint of the same color – lesson learned. The corks were handed painted with acrylic paint.

I used a yellow paint market to dot the eyes, and an ultra fine black paint pen for the noses, pupils, and mouths.

I didn’t want to hand paint the teeth so I cut off a tiny square piece of foam from the edge of a foam stamp. I stamped the teeth one by one!

The cork faces were a bit smaller so I decided it would be quicker to stencil on the mouths & noses. I used this little stencil I found on clearance at last year at Joann’s. The tiny face worked perfect, except I made one the eyes into my new nose. I covered the other eye with tape to create just one triangle above the mouth!

I packed up the corks and magnets in individual baggies (mini clear bags which can be found in the jewelry-making section of your local craft store) with labels I made with my logo. 🙂

The pins are pined onto my grubby tags, with my stamped logo. This has become my signature way of packaging/displaying all my pins!

I think this lil dude in the middle is my favorite as far as the expressions. You can really see the sparkle of the mod-podge sealer in this picture.

Well, hope you enjoyed the tutorial on my first attempt at pumpkin people stuff! I really love them and hope all the customers at The Carriage Place do too!

Country/Primitive Fall & Halloween stuff is irresistible if you ask me!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!! 🙂

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Eva Halloween
    Aug 20, 2011 @ 17:21:18

    Love these!


  2. teeny
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 16:54:10

    These are wonderful! I’m curious about the spray painting and the truck though.


  3. Mardell
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 14:58:48

    Wow, I just love them!! I have a ton of those wooden discs that have been calling me to do something w/them. Was thinking either pumpkins, or snowmen, or gingers…. Thanks so much for the great tutorial ~ love your close up pics. My eyes are getting worse, need all the big pics I can get. What types of pin back do you use? They would make great magnets too, I think. Love the way you display them, also. Can’t wait til the next time I go to Brockport. We’ll certainly be stopping by your booth to say “hi” and have a look around.

    Have a great week!


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