Making-Over A Craigslist Sewing Table

This was a really fun and EASY make-over project on a sewing table that I got on Craigslist. Someone had already converted it into a table and took off the original top that contained the sewing machine – so I got lucky there. However, the brackets holding the drawers were rigged up with cheap pieces of molding and were almost falling off.  The top front drawer had trouble sliding in and out as one of the little wooden slots was broken. Also, the knob that came on that little drawer was yellowed and gross.

I have seen sewing drawers being sold online in Etsy, Ebay, etc. as decorative storage and so I decided I would sell the drawers separately. I simply unscrewed the crappy brackets holding in the drawers…

And then took off this part as well:

See that gross little knob? It had to go. Replacing knobs is such an easy and cost-effective way to create a new look!

The contenders were this one on the left from Michael’s (in the $1 bin!!!) or this cute olive green one from Hobby Lobby that I just picked up on sale (50% off = $1.50 knob that looks exactly like a $8.00 Anthropologie knob!)

I chose the one with the key hole graphic first, but quickly decided I didn’t like how it looked with the wood.

I decided to go with the green knob. The knob screw was really long so I chopped it with my bolt cutter. They cut screws like butter! Love those things!!!

I also repaired the bracket where this drawer slides in and out. The wood was split and didn’t hold the drawer in correctly. A little wood glue and an over night clamping, and she was good to go!

Ta-da! Love the finished look. I almost want to keep it! I love the cast iron against the wood – it’s such a great re-use of this old sewing table! 🙂

I am selling the drawers separately. Already sold one!

This one (below) is a random sewing drawer I picked up at an estate sale for super CHEAP…and I LOVE the carving on the front!

Here are some examples of ways to decorate with sewing drawers! I did a simple Google search of “decorating with sewing drawers” and came up with some neat ideas:

Paint and add a wood applique…love this!

I love REPURPOSING the beautiful old pieces!  They are all different, some more elaborate than others, so there is one for every kind of decor. Well I guess that’s all for now. Off to do a little “junkin” today – I’m off til Monday…wooohooooo! Hope everyone is having a great week!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nola Brown
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 12:27:49

    Love love love this post! Thanks for new ideas!!!


  2. buggalcrafts
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 13:39:28

    Once again u come out with such a uber cute project!!! LOVE them.


  3. cheryl
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 15:24:14

    Love the green knob! I was a good choice:)


  4. Barbara Briggs Ward
    Feb 25, 2012 @ 07:47:52

    LOVE combining the old witn a new purpose and you do it masterfully!


  5. sherrym2
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 00:30:41

    So glad to have found your blog. Enjoyed this post. I have two old treadle sewing machines, one has been in the family a long time, keeping it as is, the other my Dad bought at an antique shop & gave me. It needs some redoing of some kind! You are very inspiring – thank you!


  6. gioia
    Mar 24, 2012 @ 20:55:29

    Okay, so I have some old sewing machine drawers that I picked up for like $5 at a garage sale years ago. I just threw a board over over the top of them and used them as a shelf. Not so attractive. I am so happy to have stumbled across this blog. So far, each one I’ve read just gets better and better, I’ve bookmarked this page. I love it!! 🙂 I just started a website not too long ago, and I plan on having some similar kinds of stuff, at least for a section of it. Thanks for the inspiration!


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