Easy Dollar Store Craft: Sharpie Decorated Christmas Ornaments

If you are on Pinterest, or frequently peruse craft blogs like I do, then I know you’ve seen some variation of this Sharpie project! Porcelain mugs, plates, bowls, and more…simply drawn on with Sharpies and baked for 30 minutes to make the designs permanent. Talk about easy and FUN! I love this idea – the possibilities are truly endless!


Though it’s not technically a dollar store, these porcelain ornaments were only $1.00 at A.C. Moore. I betcha you could find some similar at the Dollar Tree. If not, I know most dollar store have porcelain coffee mugs and plates that would work great too. You could also look around the thrift stores and score some cheap porcelain “canvases”!


I looked online at graphics and clip art and got some ideas on what I wanted to draw.Β  It’s hard to see in the picture below, but I did draw a rough outline of my design with a pencil before taking a Sharpie to it.


I love this little folk art snowman! I copied him from Chestnut Junction Graphics. I did purchase the graphic for use on other projects as well…he’s just too cute!


Helpful tip: While working on your designs, don’t fret if you make a mistake. A little rubbing alcohol will “erase” the Sharpie marker on the porcelain (before baking, that is). I used Q-tips as a way to touch up and re-do some areas.


Here are some of the designs I came up with for my ornaments! I free handed these but you could easily use a transfer method or a stamp as a base for your design if you’d like!



Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to make the Sharpie designs permanent. After baking, they look exactly the same. They do not brown or fade!

I cut off the tacky gold string and replaced it with some ribbon and twine. You could use jute twine, baker’s twine, homespun fabric, ribbon, or wire to hang your ornaments. Go with whatever compliments your designs!


Awwwwww, love my lil’ snowman hanging on my lil’ country Christmas tree! What a great, cost-effective idea for Christmas gifts or party favors!


And I hung up the crow themed ornie on my crow shelf. I love crows…can ya tell?!?


And now for something even MORE fun than crafts…FREE craft supplies! I realized that since I started my blog I have never done a give-away! Shame on me! I have so many loyal readers and crafty friends that I thought I’d give away some fun stamps to say THANKS for reading my blog! πŸ™‚ Leave a comment on this post with your name and you could win one of these 3 stamps!

A large “script” stamp, which would be great for tags or scrapbooking…


A Victorian looking skeleton key


Or a set of 4 vintage “Ladies In Hats” stamps, as you may have seen on my little grubby tags! I have my own set of these pretty ladies!


I will use a random number generator to pick 3 numbers and match those numbers up with the list of comments. For example, if you’re the 3rd person to leave a comment, and one of the randomly generated numbers is “3”, then you’ll win one of the stamps! I will draw 3 numbers a week from today, which will be on Christmas Eve! I’ll email the winners and mail them out just in time to start off 2013 with some fun new craft projects!!! GOOD LUCK! πŸ™‚

If you give the Sharpie Ornies a whirl, I’d LOVE to see pics! I’ll even post them here! Thanks! Happy Craftin’!

56 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brenda Caldwell
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 20:23:08

    Love the ornament craft! If only I could draw as well as you :)) The stamps you are giving away are great!


  2. Anne Haley
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 20:26:20

    What a great giveaway and I LOVE the ornaments! I’m heading to A.C. Moore tomorrow! Love your blog! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  3. Paula Herndon Polk
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 20:31:17

    Ornaments are super crafty (especially the snowflake)! Would love to win any of the stamps, but I’m partial to the ladies in hats. Keep up the great job!!


  4. Lisa Reinhart
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 20:37:07

    Love the new project! I get so excited every time I see an email from your blog!


    Dec 17, 2012 @ 20:43:33

    Great post. I love that snowman.


  6. Judy Gartz
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 20:54:42

    You are so talented. Love your work.


  7. Gale H.
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 21:05:14

    Great ideas. So simple, clean and festive. Good job, again


  8. Linda
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 21:22:08

    Those little ornies are so adorable! I have sharpies, just need a trip to Michael’s to get some little ceramic doodads. Thanks for the great tutorial and the giveaway.


  9. Mary M.
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 21:25:24

    Sweet! Didn’t know that you could make marker permanent on porcelain…and I majored in ceramics…lol


  10. Mary Cantwell
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 21:34:32

    Wow totally amazing. I have seen those ornaments and never knew what to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration.


  11. Pam
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 21:35:03

    These are so cool. I am going to make them with the grandkids. Love your sight


  12. Kristi Nett
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 21:35:41

    Love how the ornaments turned out!! I like the CJ snowman best! Other colors will work too, right? I wish we had a ACM craft store here in MN. No such luck! Thanks for the post!


    Dec 17, 2012 @ 21:46:21

    I can’t wait to try these. I made your melted snowman ornament and it was a real hit! Thanks for the lovely ideas and inspiration. You are very talented.


  14. Diane Hepburn
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 21:46:26

    I love your blog, as a matter of fact, just this weekend I made your chunky candles, and also the fabric wrapped candy canes. You have the most fabulous ideas.


  15. Lorrie
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 21:47:14

    What a great idea….hope to try that for some gift ornaments next year..thanks for sharing!


  16. cheryl
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 22:14:42

    I love the white ornaments! The nice thing about white is that it really stands out and goes with almost any style, especially shabby chic! I am also wondering if other colors of sharpies will also work like this. Have you tried any other colors yet? One could do some adorable Easter ornies if the pastels would also work.
    Thanks for sharing your super cute ideas:) Awesome !


  17. Richelle Gearhart
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 22:56:53

    Oh to be an artist like you! I love your dollar store finds and ideas!! Super cute snowman…he’s my favorite!


  18. Becky Seibert
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 23:00:44

    I love these! They possibilities are endless! They could be cute and whimsical to fancy and beautiful!


  19. Betty Helms
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 23:12:59

    These would make great last minute ornaments. Our Michaels has these ornies clearanced to approx. 49 cents. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for a chance to win one of these really neat stamps.


  20. Matt
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 00:08:40

    Love your blog. You are very creative with all your primitive designs. I am a guy but I have enjoyed reading your blog and getting new ideas for quite some time now. I am excited that your starting give a ways, how exciting!


  21. Beth Anne
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 00:59:27

    Love your ornaments especially the crow and dancing snowman one, such an easy idea. I just went out 2 nights ago and bought sharpies to do my own crafts but have not gotten around to them yet. Thanks for providing us with a wonderful blog!


  22. Becky Melton
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 01:11:22

    Love it! Gotta try it! Thank you for sharing all your awesome ideas!


  23. Theresa
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 02:30:07

    I want to do these ornaments with my Grandchildren…what a great way to save those memories of Christmas! Thanks for such a wonderfully inspiring blog.


  24. Barbara Briggs Ward
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 06:11:48

    So simple and cute-love the black and white look!


  25. Rebecca Townsend
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 07:34:34

    What a great idea! I need to check out Pinterest more often.


  26. jodi macomber
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 08:20:18

    What a cute idea, I shop AC Moore every weekend, I will surely pick some up. I am new to Pinterest site, and happen to click on you, I have a very small gift shop, and your ideas have helped me out, the way you arrange things at your craft shows have given me some nice ideas, so Thanks so much, and Thanks for sharing!!


  27. Kathleen Picon
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 08:32:02

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Love, love your blog, I always get excited when I see I have a new post from you. Will be trying some of the white ornaments tonight.


  28. Kathy
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 08:35:06

    Your ornaments are adorable! I love your snowman, so cute and friendly!! I have seen these ornaments and now I know what to do with them!!


  29. Lynne Mason
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 08:53:16

    I am headed to the Dollar Store at lunch to see if they have these! I think I will use them as gift tags! I never knew you could do this with a sharpie! Thanks for the great idea! Merry Christmas!


  30. Andrea Sowers
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 09:09:27

    I love your blog! And I love this idea! I can not wait to try it!!


  31. Ronda in Kentucky
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 09:46:34

    I’m such a nerd ’cause every time I get a post notification, my fingers go running across the keyboard to go read it. I cannot wait to try the Sharpie ornaments! Loved Lynne’s idea of using them as gift tags. Merry Ho Ho Ho to you!


  32. Jane Kennedy
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 10:11:21

    Love, love, love your blog…I’ve always had great results with anything Ive tried to make..your instructions are so clear and helpful!! Keep ’em coming!!


  33. Julie Bayliss
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 10:13:34

    what a fab idea. I have some blank mugs, jugs and picture frames of ceramic i’ll have a go on.


  34. Tracy C.
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 10:33:50

    I have been wanting to try the sharpie method for a while on some cups. It did not even occur to me to use ornaments. I already have those. Cute. Thanks for the giveaway, I would love some of those stamps. Thanks for all the inspiration.


  35. Cathy S.
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 11:07:25

    I don’t think there is one craft idea on your blog that I don’t like….It gives me inspiration to get out the needles or thread or paint when I get in a craft slump. Thanks for all the ideas.


  36. Linda Smith
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 11:27:03

    I have read every one of your posts-I love all of your projects, and have made many of them. I am definitely going to give this one a try. Thanks for the giveaway!


  37. Sue Boone
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 11:44:07

    Way too cute! I will have to try it … NEXT year … I am pooped this year!! πŸ™‚


  38. Becky
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 12:11:10

    These are great! Love the designs you chose. I have all the supplies on hand so I am going to try some. I enjoy your blog and look forward to the email saying there is a new blog post from you! Thanks for the contest, I would love to win the large script stamp, fingers crossed!


  39. Jessica Cox
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 13:00:24

    Your blog is the best! I totally look forward to it every time I see it in m inbox. Keep up the wonderful inspirations and great work!


  40. Traci Glessner
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 14:55:30

    Love your blog! Thank you for the great inspiration.


  41. Judy
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 16:34:42

    I love this ornament craft! It’s going on my Pinterest holiday crafts board!


  42. Missy
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 21:44:43

    (Enthusiastically waving hands) pick me…pick me!!!


  43. carolyn
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 22:38:56

    Found your blog by accident and love it! Winning is good but more just a thanks for the inspiration!


  44. Eva Halloween
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 01:04:30

    Oh, how fun. It seems like sharpie art is exploding on the interwebs just recently, but your hand-drawn art is some of the most darling I’ve seen. Most impressive!


  45. Lisa L.
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 10:58:44

    What a great project. This would be great for kids/teens too.


  46. karen
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 14:34:28

    Im such a skeleton key snob..even have some tattooed on me..love these ornaments!! I tangled some a few weeks ago but think Im going to have to try these also.


  47. Elyse Ussher
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 17:33:58

    I so look forward to a new blog from you. The porcelain ornaments are such a great idea and your hand drawn art work certainly give them the festive look. How would I love if A.C Moore or the Dollar Tree was closer to me!! Keep the ideas coming!


  48. Deborah
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 08:24:47

    These are great. I think I might have to give this a try. Wish I had more time for crafting. Merry Christmas!


  49. Reba
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 09:27:26

    You are one talented lady. I look forward to your new post, please keep them coming. Merry Christmas


  50. Susan Williams
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 23:22:26

    I bought some of these ornaments two years ago for a project, that didn’t turn out how I wanted it to.im excited to try the sharpie project now!


  51. bymy2hands
    Dec 21, 2012 @ 14:03:38

    Those are so cute! I love them. I have been following your blog for a few weeks now. Thanks for the inspiration!


  52. Julie Frank
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 21:51:17

    What a fun idea! I’m going to make some of these ornaments for next Christmas for my neighbors


  53. Terri
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 10:07:38

    I absolutely LOVE your blog!! Amazing ideas… getting an email about your latest creative ideas just makes my day!! LOVE all the stamps in the give away, and can’t wait to get to ACMoore to find the porcelain ornaments! Keep up the fantastic job!!
    Merry Christmas!! πŸ™‚


  54. Mardell Lamb
    Dec 28, 2012 @ 10:49:50

    Hi Maggie,
    Seeing this a bit late for the giveaway, but want to tell you how adorbable the ornaments are! You could use the colored sharpies too, they come in so many colors. I didn’t realize that you can bake them to make them permananet. How fun! Thanks for the great tute.
    Happy New Year!
    Did you get alot of snow the other day? Eeek, we got almost 18″ here.
    Stay warm.


  55. Darcie Wiley
    Dec 31, 2012 @ 21:12:07

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I get so many ideas, for gifts and things. I don’t know where you get all your ideas. I really love all the little Santa’s, they look so funny sitting in the cupcake cups, just looking around.


  56. Pam
    Feb 06, 2015 @ 16:21:13

    I love your snowman! Great job.


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