Gingerbread Man Clothespins: Take 2

Do you ever buy random craft supplies that you know you’ll “use for something” but you’re not sure what? I have bins and bins of supplies with no particular project in mind, so I have been trying to use up some of them before I go buy more! I found these clothespins and thought since they are already colored brown, that I could do a larger version of the gingerbread clothespins that I made many years ago. They came out kinda cute!

If you recall, these are the mini gingerbread clips I made back in 2011 for one of my craft shows.

The tiny clothespins were regular wood colored, so I spray painted them brown. The clips I am using for this current project were already the perfect toasty gingerbread color, so that saved a lot of time and mess! I found these at Michael’s. They are a great size too; just perfectly chunky!

I simply used some paint pens to draw on the gingerbread man faces and details. Here’s the step-by-step.

These are the paint pens I used. You can get them anywhere. Even Wally-world sells them now. They are so much easier to use on small projects like this, rather than painting with a tiny brush.

The white squiggles really give them the gingerbread man feel. I made them all a little different; some with squiggles below the faces as well as above…I just winged it with each one. The eyes and cheeks were highlighted with white and pink fine-tipped paint pens.

On some, I drew little green bows. On others I made little bows out of homespun fabric and hot-glued them on. One guy even got a scarf. 🙂

For the fabric bows, just cut a small strip of fabric in the color of your choosing. I liked green for the bows, in contrast with the red buttons and rosy cheeks. Tie it in a knot, and trim the edges to make the bow as big as you want.

Use these guys to clip tags onto gifts, hang up holiday cards on a piece of twine, clip on stockings or gift bags, use as ornaments clipped onto your tree branches, etc, etc, etc…the uses are endless!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week! 😀

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Judy Rodgers
    Nov 05, 2018 @ 09:55:39

    Thank you, this is a great idea! I love your site. 🙂


  2. Lisa Copher
    Nov 05, 2018 @ 11:40:12

    Adorable, love the grown up size gingerbread men! Yes the white squiggly lines just add the right touch.
    Great seeing your crafts in my email again!
    Lisa at booth555


  3. Katie
    Nov 05, 2018 @ 22:18:01

    Thank you for sharing your great ideas.


  4. Wendy
    Nov 06, 2018 @ 19:39:28

    Have a bunch of clothes pins too. Can’t wait to make some. Thanks for the idea.


  5. Erica Smith
    Nov 19, 2018 @ 22:01:43

    Soooo HAPPY to see you back!! I love seeing your little goodies! Great use of the clothespins!!! I have a bag I’ll be making for just the sweet little added touch! TFS!!!!
    Thanks for always bringing a smile to Me! Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday and A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU & YOURS!!!

    Prim Blessings,
    Erica Smith


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