Snowball Bucket Ornaments

I know it’s June…but I was accepted into a big craft show at the end of October so I am working away at some new Christmas and winter themed ornaments! I saw a version of these on Pinterest and put my own spin on them. Introducing the snowball bucket ornament!

The little white metal buckets can be found at the Dollar Tree, in the party section. I believe they were either for wedding or baby shower favors, and come two to a package. I picked up a variety of white pom-pom’s at Michaels. For variety, some are plain and some sparkly. πŸ™‚

It seems like a waste to fill up the entire bucket with the white pom-poms, since you wouldn’t see all of the ones in the bottom. So I decided to use some cardboard to fill the bottom of the bucket.

I cut a strip of cardboard and folded it into a triangle and hot glued it to the bottom of the bucket. This acts as a little platform. Then cut out a small circle of cardboard and glue on top of your platform. This gives you something to glue the pom-poms onto.

I painted the cardboard circle white, so that if it showed through at all, it would be less noticeable.

Next, use a hot glue gun to cover the cardboard with your pom-poms. I did one layer of the small ones first.

Then I started piling on some of the bigger, sparkly ones, mixed in with some more smaller ones. Keep adding them until you are satisfied with your pile of “snowballs.”

Similar ornaments on Pinterest had the words “snowballs 5 cents” handwritten on the side of the bucket. I tried it and didn’t like how mine came out. You could do this with a paint pen or Sharpie, but know that once you write it, it is permanent! Not a lot of room for error, but if you have a steady hand, then go for it!

Instead, I opted to make little tags using some brown craft paper. I wrote the words and then cut out a tag shape around it. This way, if you mess up, you can just add a new tag and not waste a bucket. You could even get fancy and print out little tags if you don’t want to hand-write them.

I used a small safety pin to attach the tags to the bucket handle. For a little accent, I added a homespun fabric ribbon. On others I added a light blue bakers twine bow. You could finish them off with twine, ribbon, or whatever decorative accents you would like!

FYI, the Dollar Tree sells Baker’s twine in every color, in their craft section. I have hordes of it because I use it for all different projects.

I am debating if I should put little hangers on them like the one pictured above, or leave as is, and people could hang them from their tree from the bucket handle. Which do you prefer? Thanks in advance for your thoughts! Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying some crafty adventures!

23 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carin
    Jun 09, 2020 @ 13:21:33

    These are adorable!


  2. debby
    Jun 09, 2020 @ 13:30:46

    Love your bucket of snowballs! I think the hanger would be a nice addition, bc on MY tree, if I hung the bucket by the bail it would be up under the branch and you couldn’t see it clearly.


    • Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night
      Jun 09, 2020 @ 13:32:20

      Thank you Debbie, that’s exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for! I think you are right. You wouldn’t really be able to appreciate the little pile of snowballs if it was tucked tightly on a tree branch. I think I might add the hangers! πŸ‘β„οΈπŸ˜Š


  3. Lillian Antoci
    Jun 09, 2020 @ 13:58:15

    I think the hanger is nicer. It will make hang better on the branches of the tree and you can see them more clearly.


  4. Lourdes
    Jun 09, 2020 @ 14:06:58

    Very very cute!!!


  5. Deana
    Jun 09, 2020 @ 16:05:49

    Perfect ornament to sell at a craft fair. They are so cute and the hanger is a nice little extra touch…if u don’t mind how would u price this and is their a certain way u figure out ur pricing?


    • Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night
      Jun 09, 2020 @ 17:11:28

      Thank you Deana!! I don’t have an exact science for figuring out pricing…I try to take into consideration the cost of my materials and then decide what I would pay for a similar item if I were shopping at a craft show. Sometimes I will ask friends what they think a good price would be, to get a ballpark figure. This ornament probably costs around 60 to 65 cents to make so I am thinking maybe price them at $1.75ish. I probably don’t charge enough for my time, but at the same time I want them to sell! What would you price it at? Thanks again for following and for your comment! 😊


  6. Susan
    Jun 09, 2020 @ 16:20:18

    Agree about the hanger, but I would use it the other way around, so the boring bit is on the tree branch and the pretty bit is by the bucket.{m 5Β’ worth!}


  7. Lorie Kirkham
    Jun 09, 2020 @ 17:00:15

    Snowballs are so cute! I like them as an ornament and as deco, so both ways!


  8. Carmen Montmarquet
    Jun 09, 2020 @ 17:15:05

    Really cute idea and easy enough for a project for kids to do, love it! Thanks for sharing!!


  9. Sandy
    Jun 09, 2020 @ 21:46:03

    So cute! I would remove the hook


  10. Valerie
    Jun 11, 2020 @ 14:57:51

    I can always count on you to create something wonderful! I happen to have a stash of buckets waiting for me to figure out how to use them. πŸ˜€ I *LOVE* this idea! Now, I only have to remember where I left them. hahaha


  11. Lakelie
    Jun 15, 2020 @ 11:00:36

    Really cute! I would leave the little hook on it, maybe add a small mitten if you think it’s distracting. I do have a question – I’m in central PA, I set up at craft shows mainly from September thru the end of November, what are you thoughts on them happening this year? A friend and I were discussing this the other day, well over half of ours are at local public schools and I’m not sure how schools will feel with hundreds of people roaming the halls and rooms during this pandemic.


    • Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night
      Jun 15, 2020 @ 11:05:09

      Thank you! I think I might add a little snowflake or mitten or something, every time I look at them I think they are a little plain because they are all white. As for the craft shows I I’m wondering the same thing! I just got accepted to one that is at the end of October and it is at a college. It is largely attended with hundreds of people. So far is still on schedule but I worry that they may cancel it if there is another flare-up of the virus in the Fall. I guess there is no way of knowing, so I am just going to keep on making my items. If they get canceled you can always save them for a future show…not like they go bad! at least that’s what my husband keeps telling me every time I say I am worried. Haha. Best of luck with your shows and thanks for your comment and for following along! 😊 Maggie


  12. Leif Price
    Aug 16, 2020 @ 23:13:58

    Oh, I love your bucket of snowballs! They are so cute in both ways but I think the hanger is nicer!


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