DIY Hot Cocoa Chocolate Spoons

I just finished up making a batch of these hot cocoa chocolate spoons that I plan on gifting this holiday season! They came out so cute and make an amazingly rich, chocolatey cup of hot cocoa. They would make great stocking stuffers or party favors, and are relatively inexpensive to make. Here are the instructions! 🙂

I used a mini muffin tin to create my chocolates, and it worked great. Just the right amount of chocolate!

The supplies you will need are melting chocolates of your choice, spoons, and toppings to decorate them with. I splurged and got Ghirardelli milk chocolate melting wafers. I do recommend using chocolates specifically designed for melting, because they melt easily, are less likely to burn, and pour smoothly. For toppings, I chose crushed peppermints, holiday sprinkles, and mini M&M’s. Mini marshmallows would be great too. The white chocolate was going to be for drizzling, but I ended up skipping it.

Melt your chocolates according to the instructions on the packaging.

Pour the melted chocolate into your mold and tap it on the counter to even it out and remove air bubbles.

Add your decorative toppings and let it set for a few minutes. If you try to put the spoons in right away, they will not stand up. After you see the chocolate starting to set, push the spoons down into the chocolate.

Let them continue to set for a few minutes so the spoons are secure. Then place in the refridgerator for 10 minutes or so to harden.

Use small sandwich baggies or treat bags to individually wrap them. You can use ribbon or string to close them up. I used this cute bakers twine found at the Dollar Tree.

If they chocolates don’t pop out of your mold with a little banging on the counter top, use a small knife to loosen them up. A little knick in the back of the chocolate will hardly be noticeable once they are packaged!

Place each spoon in a baggie.

Tie off with the string or ribbon of your choice.

Use a Christmas gift tag to write a note, or print out little tags of your own. I printed out instructions on holiday stationary.

You can give them as is, or package up with hot chocolate packets!

They were super fun to make and I hope the recipients enjoy these delectable chocolatey treats!

Apologies if this post is formatted a little differently. WordPress changed up their platform and I am not loving it. The pictures are showing up a little bit wonky on my end. Oh well. Have a great weekend and hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far! 🙂

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Teresa
    Dec 12, 2020 @ 16:11:19

    Pictures looked great! Thank you for a holiday idea!


  2. Michelle
    Dec 13, 2020 @ 08:45:39

    What a neat idea! Saving this so I can make them as gifts.


  3. misskitty1222
    Dec 22, 2020 @ 12:37:52

    Omg, I want some hot chocolate now, especially with a chocolate covered spoon and mini m&ms or the crushed candy canes! Lol! That looks so good! I bet they even be good for coffee, like a Mocha hot coffee! ☕🍫 Mmm, I don’t think I have any of this on hand, but I do have coffee and it’s starting to sound better and better! Lol! Thanks for this easy last minute idea! 🎄


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