Dollar Store Metal Flowers

Happy Memorial Day weekend! This isn’t so much a tutorial as just sharing a little outdoor project I did recently using some dollar store items and an old section of fence. I picked up this fence on the side of the road and thought it would be cute to decorate around my chicken coop.

First, I painted it white using some paint that I had on hand.

I found these little red, white and blue signs at the Dollar tree. I love the metal flowers but was not crazy about the writing part. I decided to buy a bunch of them and take them apart to use just the metal flowers to decorate with.

It was very easy to just pry open the metal chain with some pliers and slip the metal flowers off.

Once the fence dried I laid out the flowers to figure out a pattern I liked.

Then I attached them on using tiny nails and the holes that were already in the flowers (from where they originally hung on the chain).

I put it up alongside of my chicken coop just for some color and decoration. I thought about doing a similar one for by the house entry way. You could use DT metal flowers for decorating wreaths, birdhouses, signs, baskets, or any other kind of garden decor!

I just wanted to share this project because sometimes you can find a gaudy dollar store decoration and turn it into something cute! I love these flowers and actually went back to get more but they were out. Maybe next year! Have a great weekend and stay safe everyone! 🙂

Dr. Seuss Inspired Star Tree Topper

Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas crafting is in full force! Recently my Mom was looking for the star tree topper that was in the Grinch movie (the Jim Carey version) and couldn’t find one anywhere. I decided to give it a whirl and make one. This is my attempt at the Dr. Seuss style tree topper and my first experience with paper mache in many years. It was a fun, messy project, and I love how whimsical and Seuss-ish it came out!

The biggest challenge was how I was going to create the swirly shape of the star. I planned on finding a normal star shape and using foil to mold the curled points. Instead, I got super lucky and stumbled upon this star at the At Home store. It was already the perfect shape! I had a coupon too. SCORE!

Paper mache calls for strips of newspaper so I cut some up ahead of time.

I added some foil around the points just to give the paper some more form to cling to, and to bulk up the star which was mostly hollow.

Most paper mache projects call for a watered down glue solution. I tried the watered down glue and it was just too runny. I ended up using straight glue with no dilution. I used some wood glue because I wanted to use up the bottle, and then just used regular Elmer’s glue.

Apply as many coats as you’d like, letting them dry completely in between. I did two full coats of the paper mache before painting. I used my trusty DecoArt multi-surface paint.

I mixed some red and black to paint the sides of the points in attempt to make it look more “3D.”

I got the small gold bells at the Dollar Tree.

A little piece of wire tied on the bells allowed me to shove them down into the small openings (some right through the paper that covered the tips of the points) and then used a dab of hot glue to hold them in place. You probably don’t even need the wire, but I did it just for extra security.

I applied one coat of sparkly Mod Podge to seal it and give it a bit of a shimmer! Also painted the base spiral black.

It’s a bit lumpy and bumpy but I think it looks pretty cute and whimsical! Mom loves it so that’s all that matters! 🙂